Beware of the Ransomware Virus

Be carful of the emails and attachments you are opening!!

Read the email address carefully and make sure it is from some one you know, as the malicious ones look very similar to the real addresses. Also ensure that the file you are opening is in a format you recognise e.g .doc or .pdf.

If it doesn't look right delete it!

We have seen a huge increase in the number of computers infected with the ransomware virus in the last few days. The ransomware virus is where some malicious virus encrypts all your info and then looks for you to pay to get your documents back. Depending on the virus it can be very difficult to get your info back.

What can you do to protect your system?Backup your important information regularly and don't leave the backup drive attached to your computer. Try using something like an online backup service or a hard drive that you unplug once the backup is done.  

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See pictures for an example of one of the emails a client opened - note the email address and the file extension bill.js. Do not try to open anything that does not look right.

If in doubt, delete it