Posters & Banners Printing

As part of our ever expanding services, We have started to do larger format printing for business and the general public. Our brand new Canon printer is capable of printing banners, photos and posters in a wide range of sizes and qualities from A3 up to A0. We can produce excellent banners for your shop window to promote your latest offer, large photos to get framed and hang on your wall, Down to throw away banners for birthday parties and occasions. Send us in your finished art work by email or on USB key and we can print them for you or for a small fee send us in the details you want and we can design and produce your poster or banner for you in house. 

CAD Drawings

We can also print drawings for your planning application or working drawings for your latest construction project, just send us in your architects drawings and let us know what size. Then we can print them for you.

Photocoping & Scanning

We also have a high volume colour laser printer/photocopier. with this we can print, photocopy & scan large quantities with ease for a lot cheaper than you can print on your home inkjet machine. From our internet cafe you can print your flight tickets, CV's or any other document quickly and efficiently. contact us for pricing as our prices depend on the quantity you are looking to print.

Xerox A3 Photocopier

Other Office Services

At Compuworld we provide an office environment away from yours. Along with all the other printing/scanning services we provide in store. We can also cater for your laminating binding and internet access needs. With our fibre speed broadband you can access your emails and files to print them instantly. Is your printer broken or too expensive to run? and you need your boarding pass printed.  Let us print it for you. 

Is your printer broken or too expensive to run? Let us print your boarding pass for you.